Engineering and educating for a free and open web.

University of Sheffield Computer Science graduate with a year of industry experience. Experienced with Ruby, React, and more.

Hi, I'm Simon.

I'm a software engineer with a year of industry experience and a Computer Science degree.

I'm motivated to:

  • support free and open source software
  • learn new things, and use those findings to teach and empower others
  • make a positive difference to the world through technology

I'm determined to stick to these principles and use my power as a force for good.

Most of my experience lies with Ruby and React.JS, but I have supporting experience in Node.JS and Python. I'm a fast learner, so I'm equally ready to learn new tools.


Here's what folks I've worked with have to say.

Simon's enthusiasm towards helping out at the Code First: Girls community courses in Sheffield was so admirable. During the 2017/18 cycle, he helped teach over 50+ students the basics of web development and creating web apps using Python and Flask. His ability to communicate complex technical concepts to complete beginners is an important one to have in our increasingly multi-disciplinary world. Most notably, his contributions in helping students with GitHub and Bootstrap have been praised by the class and the wider CFG community.

Simon has been a key player in the success of the Code First: Girls community courses this year, his genuine passion to help both the local and global tech community mixed in with his impressive technical knowledge and skills has made it a pleasure to work with him. The future is very bright for him!

// Pauline Narvas, Code First Girls course ambassador

Simon is an extremely fast learner and a creative thinker, who has become a highly effective part of our dev team. As one example, he has gained very quickly a deep knowledge of Red Hat Single Sign-On, and his contributions to our work with it have been innovative and substantial. He’s able to respond constructively to feedback and to self-motivate, and he’s also integrated well socially with the wider group. His ability to make connections across teams, and to work well in a highly regulated engineering environment, mean that he will be missed when his year as an undergraduate developer with us comes to an end.

// Ben Saunders, Lead Software Engineer, UKCloud Ltd.

Simon has an ability to take a complex task (both IT-related and non-IT) and not only turn it around extremely quickly, but also to apply a level of thought and ingenuity of someone a number of years more experienced. It's this level of output and creativity which made the decision to bring Simon back after a few months in his summer holiday extremely easy.

// Andy Sykes, Formerly of Pera Technology


Here are some examples of what I've been up to.


Here, I'll be writing about things I've done and learned.

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