Engineering and educating for a free and open web.

Ruby logo Ruby on Ruby on Rails logo Rails developer with four years of industry experience.
Experienced with Turbo logo Hotwire, ViewComponent logo ViewComponent, and more.

Simon is an extremely fast learner and a creative thinker, who has become a highly effective part of our dev team.

--Ben Saunders, Lead Software Engineer, UKCloud Ltd.

Their genuine passion to help both the local and global tech community, mixed in with their impressive technical knowledge and skills, has made it a pleasure to work with them.

--Pauline Narvas, Code First Girls course ambassador

They will be a powerful addition to any development team.

--Audrea Cook, Software Engineer,

Simon has an ability to take a complex task [...] and not only turn it around extremely quickly, but also to apply a level of thought and ingenuity of someone a number of years more experienced.

--Andy Sykes, Formerly of Pera Technology

My Work

Hi, I'm Simon.

I'm a software engineer with four years of industry experience and a Computer Science degree. I'm with FreeAgent as a Senior Engineer in the Core Services team.

I'm motivated to:

  • support free and open source software like Rails, ViewComponent, and my own libraries
  • learn new things, and use those findings to teach and empower others
  • make a positive difference to the world through technology
  • work with companies that will help me achieve those goals

I'm on the committer team for ViewComponent, and I've used Hotwire (Turbo and Stimulus) extensively. I've got a diverse array of experience and a love for the Ruby on Rails ecosystem. My experience thus far has given me informed opinions about Rails and how it's used.

I'm a fast learner with an open mind, so I'm ready to learn new tools and ways of working. I've got a reputation for efficiency, which I'll always be careful to balance with thoroughness.