Simon Fish

Engineering and educating for a free and open web.

Currently at FreeAgent

Ruby logo Ruby on Ruby on Rails logo Rails developer with over three years of industry experience.
Experienced with Turbo logo Hotwire, ViewComponent logo ViewComponent, and more.

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I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails engineer with over three years of industry experience and a 2.1 degree in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. I am a maintainer on GitHub's ViewComponent project and have used Hotwire (Turbo & Stimulus) since its release in December 2020.

Education, open source software, and making a positive difference all motivate me to do what I do best. Through these things, I aim to enable myself and others to change the world for the better.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer // FreeAgent // April 2023-present

Software Engineer // FreeAgent // April 2022-March 2023

I joined FreeAgent as a mid-level software engineer in 2022, forming part of the Core Services team alongside a staff and principal engineer. As a team, we have been responsible for the security, upkeep, and architectural direction of the app, in addition to common features such as subscriptions and billing.

In this role, I have:

In addition, I have been a strong contributor to the internal culture. I have regularly led sessions and given talks at the weekly Engineering Forum and Dev Development meetings, and have been part of the hosting rota for both.

Lead Software Engineer // // June 2020-March 2021

I worked as the lead contributor for this early-stage startup's product offering from the inception of its Rails app. The platform allowed users to schedule and attend meetings with coaches, and integrated with several external APIs to assist with that. Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Hotwire, ViewComponent, and Tailwind.css drove the platform. I was personally responsible for:

Software Development Undergraduate // UKCloud // July 2018-August 2019

As part of a Scrum team of six, I was responsible for the company's software built with Ruby on Rails. This includes the customer portal, which faced over a hundred public sector companies including Genomics England. I was responsible for:


Computer Science with a Year in Industry // University of Sheffield // 2016-2020

Work in Open Source

While I was at, I contributed to open source regularly to improve dependencies, and maintained internal libraries. I also extracted code from to create projects such as nvar and remote_record.

I help to maintain ViewComponent alongside other developers inside and outside GitHub. I aim to support other ViewComponent users quickly and efficiently, and I am regularly consulted on its use internally at FreeAgent. I have also contributed code to Rails, Grouparoo, and ruby-jwt.

I want to make an ongoing effort throughout my career to support the tools and communities that enable me to make a difference.