Code First Girls Sheffield

29th January – ⁠20th March '20


During the second semester of my second year, I volunteered on both Code First: Girls courses at the University of Sheffield. Due to how the courses were federated, I was tasked with improving and supporting many existing resources from CF:G and adapting ones we used locally. I was part of two very strong teams and aided by excellent instructors. It was necessary to adapt to the level at which the two groups worked, making the courses good proving grounds for my teaching skills.

The courses began around the time of the release of a new version of Bootstrap, a session which I chose to take the lead on. The framework turned out to be a stumbling block for some of the class, but in the end my explanation and support in the lesson resulted in a number of very strong projects. As a judge, I was highly impressed - some carried a design ethic that came off as incredibly professional. I feel incredibly proud to have assisted the students of the course and helped to support such an incredible community.

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