30th June '20

I joined Raise.dev after its founder, John Britton, reached out to me to express interest in working with me. Under his leadership, I have iterated on fundamentals I'd begun to develop at UKCloud to build the company's first public offering. I have significant responsibilities similar to those of a software architect.

I have built a system that allowed users to sign in with external accounts and schedule half-hour meetings with coaches, for which meeting environments would be created in Zoom. Along the way, John has helped me to understand the importance of key principles such as the use of service objects and dependency injection. I am responsible for key product decisions, from choosing key dependencies to proposing a lazy registration flow.

Prior to joining, Raise.dev had run a programme for developers who were early in their careers, enabling them to gain experience working on a real project. This helped to make the case for experience-based learning on a larger scale, which Raise.dev seeks to provide as it grows. Its first offering consisted of coaching "kickoffs", intending to match developers at all levels of experience with the company's Coaches in mentoring partnerships. The system I built enabled dozens of these to happen so that the company could gain valuable feedback on what to provide.

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