Snooze Clock

15th September '19 – ⁠27th February '20


One of my modules took a deep dive into the Internet of Things, which primarily uses cheap microcontrollers and machine code to save on cost and power. My lecturer for the module had developed the unPhone device, which took an ESP32 microcontroller and mixed in plenty of extra features such as buttons, a touch screen, and a LiPo battery. Students on the course were given free rein over what they would work on as their final project, provided it was suitably complex.

At the start of the year, I'd gotten into a good sleeping routine with the help of The site tells you when to set your alarm based on what time it is currently, factoring in the time it takes the average human to get to sleep and the length of one sleep cycle. I always thought that wrapping this in web technology was slow and unresponsive. Even then, the times it gave back could not be used to directly set an alarm on your device. For this reason, I thought the unPhone would be perfect for the job.

My final product was the Snooze Clock, which allows users to use the buttons or Amazon Alexa to set alarms for relative times in the future. Additionally, it was capable of being updated over the air and being configured to connect to a WiFi network in order to retrieve the time over NTP.

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