HackSheffield 3.0

13th October – ⁠14th October '17

HackSheffield 3.0 took place just one sleep after I'd landed in Sheffield after my California trip. I decided on building a team of first-time hackers after the turnout from that group seemed to form over two thirds of attendeees. My team had learned basic Python and web development, so we agreed on the gamble of working with the DragonBoard 410c. As had previously happened at GreatUniHack, toying with a single-board computer lost us four hours. Our original idea, however, survived.

We intended to combine the power of Python and web development with various APIs to create a live feed of notifications from a variety of sources. This didn't work out for us as well as we'd hoped, as APIs weren't naturally suited to this. It did, however, open up the option of webhooks for further exploration in a later hackathon, potentially.

My main focus was to improve my skills in team management and, particularly, motivate the Code First Girls graduates to explore and improve their web development skills further, and I feel that I did this well. A later personal project of mine, socialise, serves as a base for first-time programmers dabbling in HTML and CSS.

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