1st July '18 – ⁠15th August '19


I spent a year in industry with UKCloud, a cloud hosting provider primarily for the public sector. I dealt with the company's software written in Ruby, such as the Portal and the internal CMDB, as part of a Scrum team. My biggest responsibility over the course of the year lay with IDAM, the Identity and Access Management API.

IDAM is linked to UKCloud's SSO system, a Red Hat SSO instance that underwent construction at the same time. My team and I had a lot of influence surrounding the implementation of this, and I personally gained a vast understanding of Red Hat SSO very quickly. This allowed me to impact a critical part of the design, which ensured SSO would be securely multi-tenanted through IDAM. The implementation of IDAM required a lot of communication between teams, from its initial deployment to the platform to educating customer support engineers on its purpose and functions.

Additionally, I supported the development of an internal compliance tool with other undergraduates, learned and developed personal projects in React, and worked with my team to develop other significant features. These included integration of IDAM with the Portal, continuous integration pipelines that bootstrap customer environments, and the self-service onboarding process. My line manager Ben has left a testimonial.

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