Supporting Computer Science Higher Education

14th September '19 – ⁠14th May '20

I needed to interview to apply for this module. I understood that I would be representing the University in being deployed to a local school, and would support and deliver teaching there. This required a DBS check and workshops on safeguarding.

The module entailed observation and assistance in lessons, and work on a special project that I would deliver to a Year 12 class. Owing to git's foundation as a widely applicable tool for collaboration and solo work alike, I intend to bring this to a class of Year 12 students as a skill. Over the course of seven visits, I aimed to build rapport with the Year 12 class and teachers I was working with. I was able to deliver parts of lessons on data structures and computer architecture. My special project would challenge the class to a sample of test-driven development, backed by git.

The module was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, which quelled further opportunities to visit the school. Assessment consisted of reports on my experience and work I had done to support the special project, along with a 15-minute talk relating to the field of computer science education. In my talk, I discussed how practical learning and automated testing could encourage positive changes to the curriculum.

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