The Odyssey

17th November – ⁠18th November '17

Deciding on going solo on a personal quest to explore some new technologies, I chose to work with things I personally enjoyed. Taking Super Mario Odyssey, Amazon Alexa, Discord, and the web, I sought to build a means of locating the game's many Power Moons. Odyssey contains over 800 Power Moons hidden across the game's many sprawling Kingdoms, with some only available after the game's main story sequence is over. Each is named as a hint to their location, such as 'Under The Waterfall Basin' or 'Caught Hopping in the Cascade Kingdom'.

These made for a great library of data to collect from across the web and serve as an API. After establishing this API, I went on to build an Alexa skill that used it. This features handy cards that show up in the Alexa app, and allows filtering by the name of each Kingdom by asking, for example, "Ask The Odyssey for a Moon in the Metro Kingdom". This only took about three hours, but needed a lot of polish and refinement - especially the filter function, which came in a fair while later.

The Discord bot accessed the API in the same manner as the Alexa skill. A website hosted with Flask was the icing on the cake. I went on to win another prize from Amazon Web Services for my use of Alexa Skills Kit, motivating me to submit the skill to the Alexa Skills Store.

It was at this hackathon where I felt that I'd truly carried and iterated on an idea of my own, and it's a good example of where I'm most at home - exploring something new and iterating from an MVP to something much greater.

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