31st March – ⁠1st April '17


After having attended two MLH hackathons in the Autumn 2017 season, I was accepted to participate in the Major League Hacking Europe Regional, which featured students from a wide variety of universities including those as far afield as UPC and Edinburgh. This was hosted at Bloomberg's headquarters in London on Finsbury Square. I intended to explore opportunities to team up with students from other universities at this event. To do this, I welcomed those who had set up camp nearby to join me in a game of Super Bomberman R. This game eventually went on to inspire our final product. In the end, we were able to create a prototype for an online multiplayer Bomberman clone. Bomberman has proven popular at university socials due to its capacity for up to 8 players, but equally, there is capacity for far more participation than that with the slightly younger trend of MMOs such as agar.io and World's Biggest PAC-MAN.

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