Game Master

11th November – ⁠12th November '16


GreatUniHack 2016 was my first hackathon, a challenge I undertook in my eighth week at the University of Sheffield. I joined a team of three Manchester students. After a rocky first six hours toying with Bluetooth Low Energy hardware from Estimote and Sigfox in hopes of making a hide-and-seek game, we decided on making a voice-controlled text adventure game using Amazon Echo and a web frontend that displayed the player's statistics in real time. The end result was Game Master, a text adventure game engine using Amazon Alexa through the Echo speaker. Several stats are kept track of during the sample game we created for it, which simulates GreatUniHack2016 itself, and these are displayed in real time by way of meters on a web page. In theory, this concept cannot be widely easily replicated, but for the sake of that single situation it was an effective option to add.

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