9th March – ⁠10th March '18

Hoping for a final hackathon opportunity to round off my second year at university, I attended HackTheBurgh 2018 with three capable teammates in tow. After a lot of deliberation over which language to settle on and which idea to follow through with, we found ourselves agreeing on ShefBall. This, like before it, would be a MMO reinterpretation of a video game I had recently picked up. This was Stikbold, a charming Danish dodgeball game that is extremely easy to pick up and play.

We sought to use to buy us extra time to think about the game's core mechanics and how that would translate to socket server infrastructure. With Katie and Hamish working on assets and collisions, I worked with Greg on getting the business logic solidified. This resulted in a game that worked relatively well at its core, much like, but felt a lot more polished—and, best of all, was genuinely fun for all to play, including the developers who'd burned 24 hours on it!

Working on the project helped me consider the finer points of using sockets and gave me some further confidence in game development. Though I'm currently strongly of the mindset that I intend to develop software, ShefBall has left game development on the table as an option. It's also introduced me to socket servers properly and secured our team a prize.

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