Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

The product of my first hackathon, a text adventure game engine via Amazon Alexa with live web statistics.

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham

We learned the ins and out of using APIs such as GitHub and Twitter. I have since worked on reimplementing it in Ruby.

Bloomberg Headquarters, London
MLH Prime EU Regional

Bloomberg Headquarters, London

Our team created a prototype of an online multiplayer Bomberman clone, using a .NET socket server.

Cal Hacks 4.0

UC Berkeley, California

Using GitHub's GraphQL API, I helped build a front-facing organisation page. This hack was the start of a week-long tech pilgrimage to the USA, featuring GitHub and Google.

University of Sheffield
HackSheffield 3.0

University of Sheffield

I led a team of first-time hackers using Express and Node.js.

Smyth's Toy Store, Sheffield
Nintendo Event

Smyth's Toy Store, Sheffield

As a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo, I assisted with the Super Mario Odyssey launch.

University of Birmingham
BrumHack 7.0

University of Birmingham

Inspired by Super Mario Odyssey, I explored Alexa Skills Kit and Discord's API, and built an API of my own surrounding the game's collectibles to work with the two.

HackTheBurgh 2018

University of Edinburgh

As my final second year hackathon, I used my learnings from MLH Prime to explore Kiwi.js and build a web-based dodgeball game.


I am a second-year student at the University of Sheffield, studying a four-year course in Computer Science including a year in industry. My main aim is to become a software developer, with the goal of building things that others will enjoy or find useful, no matter their level of skill. I am passionate about technologies such as Git, GitHub and Vim, and I like to explore and get involved in the local student hackathon community.


"Simon has an ability to take a complex task (both IT-related and non-IT) and not only turn it around extremely quickly, but also to apply a level of thought and ingenuity of someone a number of years more experienced. It's this level of output and creativity which made the decision to bring Simon back after a few months in his summer holiday extremely easy."
Andy Sykes, formerly of Pera Technology


This year, I intend to focus on building my confidence in public speaking. My slides will be accessible here. Thanks to the flexibility of web languages, reveal.js is my tool of choice for creating slides.

Eat, Sleep, Hack: On Hackathons and Computer Science at University

Catmose College

Student hackathons have been central to my time at the University of Sheffield.



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